As we adapt to the new normal technology is playing an even bigger role in enabling customers to browse, order and pay with ease from their smartphone. Your restaurant can use this technology to your advantage – never before have customers been so educated on how to use QR codes or apps in order to place orders, and by pushing the use of this tech in your venue, you limit the contact time between your staff and customers, which helps to keep everyone safe.

Wondering how to make the jump to contactless ordering? XE Eats enables you to take food orders online for free! There are no commissions on orders and no hidden costs enabling your business to be confident about the software you’re using. When you use XE Eats you’ll also get a free QR code which can give your customers access to tableside ordering.


How Does XE Eats Work?

It’s as easy as one, two three!

Firstly, customers place their order on your website (which you’ll be able to customise and brand in the back of house system). Payment will be received to a bank account of your choice.

Next, you’ll receive the order and your kitchen staff can get to work preparing the drinks.

Finally, the order will be delivered to the address customers give whilst checking out. Or if you are using tableside ordering staff will be able to take it over to the table number input by customers.


What are the other benefits of XE Eats?


There are so many features to make use of from XE Eats. Some of the standout ones include;

  • Built in marketing which enables you to send emails or SMS campaigns to your customers.
  • Multiple store orders meaning all of your venues can be managed from a single system
  • Free programing from us if you want help editing your menu or website
  • Read more…


Contactless ordering is a great way to future proof your business for whatever restrictions or guidance’s comes into play over the next few months. Even when businesses have all restrictions removed, the XE Eats system will still be here to give your business a boost. Contactless ordering will still have a place in the future and we’re here to get your up to speed!

Looking for another type of system for your business? XEPAY in there if you want customers to pay by card in store and XEPOS is a great way to add an integrated epos system to your back of house.