Take control of your online ordering.

Fully Customisable

We’ve made our system completely customisable, allowing you to have the access to more functionality and features right at your fingertips.

Fully Integratable

You can link the system to your bank, EPOS or GPRP printer with immense ease. Our system is entirely integratable making doing business easier!

Support Payments

Taking payments is prebuilt into the XE EATS system and you will be able to accept all card types including VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, ApplePay, GooglePay and more

Table Reservation System

Allow your customers to book tables on your website and see and manage the bookings from any device or computer

Multiple Stores

You can now do online ordering for all of your stores from a single system! We’ve made it possible to control and monitor everything from one source.

Multiple Time Zones

When using our system, it will automatically adjusts its date and time (zone) to the one that you are currently operating in, regardless of where the server’s location is.

Built-In Marketing

XE EATS allows you to directly email or SMS your customers from the ordering system, enabling you to have constant contact with everyone at all times.

In-Store Ordering

Self-service or waiter-led ordering allows for direct ordering from tables, room-service or simply reduced queues.

Click & Collect

Let customers pay and place orders online for collection from your store or allow for in-person payments. With our smart time slot features, you can limit the number of customer per slot to ensure safety for all.

Local Delivery

Start your local delivery service in just two clicks. Keep it simple or set up multiple delivery zones with different fees based on driving distance. You can use your own drivers or talk to us about our local courier partners.

Order Management

Let your customers place orders online for collection. You can then accept, reject, qualify real orders and provide real updates on order status to keep your customers happy. With a few clicks, everyone is updated.

Allergens Filtering

For those who are specific when it come to food, you can now let your customers filter the menu based on what their requirements are. They will now be presented with a menu which is tailored to their needs.

QR Code for Order at Tables

XE EATS includes contactless table-side ordering which can be accessed through a free QR code where your customers can access your website and menu to then place their order.

Seamless Order and Payment

With no need to get up and stand in queues, allow your customers to order and pay right from their tables. Save the hassle and keep your customers happy.

Multiple Ordering Types

At XE EATS we support a range of order types to help you manage business smoother. These include home delivery, collection or orders from the table.

Free Programming

We offer free programming, including menu programming. This means that you can either choose to edit your site and menu yourself, or let us handle it all for FREE and get it back to you within a matter of days.