If you are looking to move into the online space when it comes to offering food then you are going to need a platform that puts your business out there. While it might seem like a fairly simple concept, you can get it wrong because how you are portrayed online will have an impact on your business. Create a shoddy looking ordering system and you are going to lose customers. This could lead to negative online reviews and that will only add further to your woes. So, it’s clear to see that you have to get it right from the beginning as that will give your brand an image that will set you apart.


However, if you have started to search for food ordering websites, you’ve probably noticed that there are more than enough to choose from but that is no good because it can make the decision harder to make. So, if you are looking for an online menu ordering system, why should you choose a free one?

Why Free Doesn’t Mean Bad


Sure, they say that nothing is free in life but that is not always the case when it comes to a takeaway online ordering system. Of course, there are going to be systems out there that are free but they will lack in most of the functions that you need and that is going to leave your customers lacking in satisfaction and your business struggling.


If you turn your attention to a system such as that from XE Eats, then free can actually mean good. Sometimes, platforms for ordering food online don’t charge start-up fees or any other fees but they obtain their fees through other means but that means that you can still obtain an online ordering system for free. All you need to do is take a look through the features available at XE Eats and you’ll instantly realise why free definitely doesn’t mean bad.

What Can a Free Online Ordering System Offer Your Business?


If you are thinking about moving your business online in order to grow your customer numbers and move with the times then it’s important that you understand what a free online ordering system can give you.


To begin with, you will benefit from a fully branded website that looks the part and that will instantly appeal to your customers. With a range of templates available, you can customise the look and appearance too, creating a personalised appearance that works for your branding.


What’s more, the system should be completely integratable with your EPOS system or your bank as this will make the process more efficient and streamlined for you and your customers. Payments are also something you should consider and on the whole, many free systems simply won’t give you what you need. However, XE Eats ensures that you can accept payments from the likes of VISA, MasterCard, Stripe and NoChex and even payments such as ApplePay and GooglePay.

Why Do You Need an Online Ordering System?


An online ordering system is something that every modern food establishment should have because taking orders over the phone doesn’t provide the same level of customer satisfaction. In fact, customers prefer to place orders when they are ready and having the ability to do it all online will give them the freedom they have been looking for.


It will also help to enhance your image and give it a more refined appearance. While there might be many other businesses working in the same space as you, it’s important that you stand out because that’s what really matters. If your competitors are doing the same then at least you are keeping up with them and if they aren’t doing it then you will always be one step ahead.


You’ll also have the potential to manage orders more effectively as everything is placed through a centralised system instead of being written down on scraps of paper. It also allows you to monitor takings which keeps your accounts in line. 


A free system will also allow you to amend your menu as and when you see fit. Paper menus that people keep at home can become outdated and that can frustrate them. With an online ordering system, you can keep your menu up to date and make sure your customers know exactly what you are offering.


Marketing is another powerful tool that you can take advantage of and obtaining personal information from customers will enable you to provide them with offers and discounts. This will help to build relationships and will help to attract new customers too.

Are You Looking to Increase Profits?


As a business, customer satisfaction might be a priority but your profits are also equally as important. Therefore, when it comes to choosing an online ordering system, you should look at one that complements your business and helps you to increase your profits. Therefore, you need a system that complements your business and leads customers through a seamless experience that makes them want to return.

A clear design and easy-to-find menu will also make it easier for customers to make up their mind and that is a positive that businesses should consider. 


What to Consider When Choosing an Ordering System?


So, there is no point in picking any system and hoping for the best because that will only end in disaster. It is your chance to find a free online ordering system that works for you. You won’t want to pay hidden fees or sign up for a contract, you need a supplier that is transparent and only takes payments where necessary, such as a percentage of the transaction like XE Eats does. This gives you clarity and confidence in the system because you know exactly where you stand. What’s more, you want to consider functionality too, because this is vital for your needs as a business and the needs of your customers. If you get all of this right then there is no doubt that a free system can work wonders for your business.