Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have all been told to keep our distance. Naturally, we feel drawn to others but our behaviours have had to change drastically and this has meant that businesses such as restaurants have also had to adapt.


Social distancing has been used as one of the measures to help control the spread of the virus and when implemented correctly it can make a difference. While some restaurants have opted to move across to an online menu ordering system, others have decided to keep moving forward while dealing with the challenges that come their way. Of course, keeping customers as well as staff safe is vital but all of that comes down to ensuring social distancing is implemented correctly but how is this achieved?


Make Sure the Message is Clear


As mentioned, we are naturally drawn to people and that makes it even more important to ensure that you get across the message of social distancing within your restaurant. This means that you should clearly display signs informing and reminding customers to keep a distance of two metres. 


A sign on the door is a clear reminder before they step into your restaurant but while inside, you can ensure that you place floor markers that also clearly display what is expected of them. As businesses have had to adapt, more signs have become available including large markers, small markers and even door mats that can effectively act as a reminder. Furthermore, you can also remind them yourself to keep their distance and inform them of the importance of doing so, after all, it’s about keeping your business in line in accordance with government guidelines but also keeping people safe and secure. 



Make Sure You Alter the Layout


If you have decided that you want to keep your restaurant open as well as use a food order app then you are going to need to alter the layout of your restaurant. Previously, you might have had tables occupying as much space as possible but all of this now has to change. As social distancing dictates, we now have to keep 2 metres apart which means that you are going to need more distance between tables and chairs. 


With the layout altered, you make it possible for people to move freely while also keeping the space required. While this is going to have an impact on the numbers, you can still make the most of your space but ensuring you meet the restrictions is key as you could be inspected at any time. Placing tables around the outer edge of your restaurant allows you to use more of the space in the centre and that can allow you to maximise your potential during this challenging time.


Use a One Way System


A one-way system can be hugely beneficial when it comes to ensuring people maintain social distancing. However, it is effective as it can prevent people from passing each other which is one obvious way that the virus can spread. It also means that people understand what is expected of them. If you can use ropes and barriers to ensure people follow the one-way system then you will be playing a big part in helping to reduce the spread.


However, there are several things that you will need to consider. This will involve ensuring people follow the correct route when visiting the toilets but it will also need to be the same for how they enter and leave your restaurant. If you have two doors then you can make sure that you have one that can be used to enter and one that can be used to leave, reducing the risk of people passing each other once again.



Install Screens Where Necessary


To ensure that you take social distancing to a higher level, you can install clear perspex screens that ensure people keep their distance or if they are unable to then at least there is a barrier between them. Sitting at tables that are socially distanced from others might sound good but in practice, keeping the distance between people can prove challenging. Therefore, using physical barriers prevent people from getting too close but can also prevent germs from spreading too.


The screens also act as a constant reminder of what is expected of customers and that they should do all they can to keep their distance from each other.


Reduce Numbers


If you have had to redesign the look of your restaurant in order to accommodate social distancing then you’ve more than likely removed tables. This means that there will be a reduction in the number of people in your restaurant at any one time. However, some restaurants might be tempted to try and fit more people in but this is only going to end badly as it will mean that the risk is increased.


If you reduce numbers there will be fewer people there to keep socially distanced and it will provide more space for people to move around. It’s a simple solution but one that can help your restaurant to implement social distancing.



Keep it to Table Service Only


Ensuring people remain socially distanced is about looking for alternative solutions.  What this means is that you should look to keep contact to a minimum. Therefore, you want to avoid people heading to the bar or the till by implementing table service only. With a food ordering app, you can ask customers to place their order from their table while they can also do the same with drinks. This minimises the amount of contact that takes place between staff and customers. Furthermore, the experience will be easier and more relaxed for everyone if you do opt for table service only.


Ensuring you implement social distancing correctly is now a requirement and failure to meet them could result in restaurants being closed. So, by taking the right approach and through correct planning, you can ensure that your restaurant implements social distancing in a way that works.