If 2020 has taught us anything it’s how quickly things can change overnight. After the pandemic took over the world in March, businesses have had to adapt or fail. It has been a very challenging year and if businesses decided to adapt then they would have had to make some significant decisions. The impact of these decisions could have changed the livelihoods of people but business can be ruthless at times but if businesses want to stand any chance of coming out of the pandemic with some hope then these decisions have to be made. However, the pandemic is still ongoing and nobody knows what is around the corner. There could be more lockdowns or more tiered-style approaches, whatever they may be, businesses need to keep going but how can they achieve this?


It’s About Diversifying


Regardless of what the business once looked like, if you want your business to survive then it’s time to diversify. This means thinking outside of the box and changing how you operate. This can include selling different products, offering promotions and even moving your bricks and mortar restaurant online. Whatever it might be, now is the time to diversify and do something different to avoid missing out.


Look to Move Sales Online


The majority of businesses have been forced to close their doors more than once this year. This means that businesses such as restaurants or even retail stores have been forced to change how they operate. However, there is something good to come out of all of this and that is the ability to move online. The internet has now created a whole new platform for those businesses that once never relied on it as much as they rely on people coming through their doors. Despite this, with food delivery apps available from XE Eats and card machines for small businesses from XEPAY, businesses now have the scope to move online and do so in a streamlined way. While it’s not hugely convenient and is a massive shift in the way in which they work, these systems make it possible to connect with customers and continue to sell their products online with ease.

Arrange a Takeaway Service


Restaurants have been impacted significantly and they have to juggle with the problem of relieving staff, keeping them and streamlining services. After all, they cannot continue to operate a full-scale business with their doors being closed. However, many food establishments opted to offer their food through online ordering which meant that customers could dine out at home. It’s a new concept but it meant that they could continue to provide customers with the food that they love. 


This meant benefiting from the likes of a free online ordering system from XEEats. This allowed them to take their menu online and completely transform the way in which they engaged with customers. It meant managing orders in a different way and managing the kitchen and stock levels at the same time. However, this ability to rely on effective systems that worked allowed them to take their business on a different route.


Offer Delivery and Collection


Instead of serving dishes to tables or bagging up items at the store till, you can opt to give your customers choice by offering both delivering and collection options. Delivery can prove to be a difficult challenge as you will need to find people to take care of this for you but your usual store or restaurant staff might be happy to use their vehicles, helping them to keep their job and your business running.


Delivery is hugely convenient and you only have to look at how successful takeaways are when it comes to deliveries so there is nothing to stop restaurants or stores from doing the same. Of course, you can also give customers the option to collect themselves and that can free up your staff to focus on other orders.

Streamline Products


If you are going to adapt to these new times then you won’t be able to take your full range of products with you. So, if you are a restaurant with a solid menu you might have to condense this down because you’ll need to consider the logistics of sourcing products, storing them and selling them plus you won’t have the staff on hand to help you, so it all becomes a challenge. For small retail businesses then they can offer the basic products or their best sellers, allowing them to sell more of their products without making the process of moving online more challenging.


Streamlining products is a great way of reducing costs, reducing waste and reducing the number of options you provide which can help to make things slightly easier for you.


Make Payments Accessible


Businesses have been told to try and take card payments where possible to avoid handling cash and spreading the virus around. Therefore, businesses are in need of food ordering apps but also payment options such as those on offer from XONDER. Giving customers the ability to pay online is hassle-free and easier than needing to find cash and increase the risk of transmission. Furthermore, if customers do need to visit your premises to collect an order then a card payment machine from XEPAY will allow customers to quickly tap and go. All of this can help to give your customers choice and simplicity.


Share Share and Share


Customers might assume that you have been forced to close and that’s how you will stay but take to social media and get sharing the news that you are fighting back! Create posts, share menus and products as well as opening times and you’ll soon realise that people will begin placing orders with you.


The pandemic is a challenging time for us all and although a vaccine is our hope but until that arrives it is going to be a case of adapting and evolving with the changing times. However, businesses don’t have to roll over and concede if they are willing to consider their options and do all they can to keep their business alive.