Any food establishment is going to be judged on the service it provides as well as the food that it serves up. Regardless of whether you are a top-end restaurant or a small takeaway, both will be measured on the same things. As a result, it’s really important that you do all you can to get things right across the whole business. 


Sure, you can get your food right and that is a huge positive and your service can be super slick but what about your menu? It’s probably the most important part of your restaurant because if people are unable to order for whatever reason, then your business is going to fail. As a result, you might want to consider spending time on your menu to ensure that you fine tune it to the point where you give your customers exactly what they want.


Keep it Concise

Regardless of whether you are creating a hard copy of your menu to display in your window or on a table or a menu to use on your online ordering system, it has to be right. Your customers are going to want to be able to make a decision based on what is in front of them but providing them with way too much information is going to turn them away.


When people order online, they want to be able to find what they want quickly. They don’t want to scroll through masses and masses of dishes to find what they want. You might believe that offering more is going to make you more money but this is not the case. Your menu has to be concise to the point where you offer enough but not too much because that’s what people want. 


If you are a food establishment that offers an array of dishes, make sure that you structure your menu in a way that allows people to identify dishes. This is particularly true for Chinese and Indian takeaways where dishes consist of different meats or spices. To make sure you give your menu the chance of succeeding, it can help to use a service such as that of XE Eats. With menus clear and concise, customers will never have a problem using your online ordering platform.


Make Sure Dishes Are Clearly Labelled


Once again, your menu has to sell your dishes and what good will it be if you don’t give people the information they need? Sure, Fish and Chips might sound like a simple dish but they might want to know what fish it includes. Is it Cod or Pollock? Is it sustainably sourced? What about the chips? Are they triple cooked or handmade?


Information is crucial when it comes to guiding people along the purchasing journey. They might want more information on ingredients and what spices are included in dishes. Where do the ingredients come from? What are the individual parts of the dish? Someone might not be aware of certain elements of your dishes as they might be new to them but providing them with the right information ensures that you can help them make a better decision.


What’s really important is to make sure you inform them of any ingredients that can cause allergic reactions such as nuts or dairy. This information is probably the most crucial of all. 

Add Images if Possible


If you are creating an offline menu this might prove to be a little difficult but this is where an online ordering system can make a difference. With a takeaway online ordering system, you can enhance the purchasing experience by giving customers even more information. This isn’t information overload but complementing the information that you have already provided them. When it comes to eating, many of the choices we make are made with our eyes, so eye-catching images can really make a difference and can help you to sell more meals.


It might be seen as though it is a painstaking task to add images but it is something you can do gradually but your customers will appreciate it. Think about many of the famous fast-food chains, they all provide images of food and there is a reason for this, so it could be time to hop on board and begin using some of their tactics!


Make it Easy to Access


What use is a menu if your customers cannot find it. If you opt to create your own website, you might not get the design right and that can leave potential customers struggling to find your menu in order to place an order. This is a problem that is simple to overcome because XE Eats offers a sleek looking website that ensures users can find your menu and access it on their PC or their smart device.


With the correct layout and design, you can ensure that your customers have a seamless experience when reading your menu. Furthermore, it is also with remembering that your customers are likely to vary in their age which means some might be more comfortable using an online menu than others.


Offer Something for Everyone


Whatever cuisine you offer, it’s really important to remember that you should offer something for everyone. Indian Takeaways might be a prime example of this where some people love their food spicy while others prefer more flavour and less spice. As a result, you should make sure you cover all customers and their needs. You might want to consider offering meat and vegetarian options as well as consider offering dishes for children as this will make your menu more relatable to parents.


Your menu is the shop window to your business and it is not something that should simply be thrown together. It is one of the main selling points of your business and is something that you should take seriously. Once you get it right, you can be sure that you won’t have any problems selling your dishes but there is a fine line and it can be extremely easy to get it wrong!