Creating a customer loyalty program could be just the push your restaurant needs to soar above the competition. There are lots of ways to make your business stand out from the crowd using loyalty-based principles – here’s a closer look at how you can benefit from the process… 

Understanding loyalty programs 

Customer loyalty programs generally focus on rewarding customers for continued business. As an example, your customer who regularly shops with you rather than a competitor can gain a variety of incentivised benefits.

This concept is not new, but it has undergone a significant digital makeover with the rise of food ordering online and food order apps. The hospitality industry has been particularly eager to adopt customer loyalty in its renewed format, as restaurants and bars tend to be places where patrons develop a ‘favourite’ venue. 

Ecommerce provides a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of technology to bring your customers enhanced value with every visit. 

What are the benefits of a customer loyalty program? 

Restaurants of all sizes and scales can start a customer loyalty program. In fact, by launching such a program you can even help to grow your business into a larger enterprise, should that be the direction you’re headed. 

For smaller businesses, there are a lot of great advantages. For instance, you can work on retaining customers. There is also some data which seems to suggest that customers who use loyalty programs are prone to spending more with their chosen company than others. 

Tracking the data 

Another advantage for businesses ready to make the leap, is the abundance of rich data which can be gleaned from creating a loyalty program. You’ll be able to assess who your core customers are and examine the pattern of their purchases. In turn, this gives you plenty of information about when and how they’re ordering food online or visiting your venue. Use a food order app to manage your program and you’ll soon be on your way to boosting the customer experience. 

Getting started with your loyalty program 

Your loyalty program should be tailored around the intended outcomes you’re seeking, and your capabilities as a restaurant. Be sure you only offer what you can afford in terms of discounts, but don’t be afraid to think big! Using an app such as XE Eats is a wonderful way to develop greater loyalty from your core audience.