Restaurants operate in a fast-paced world and staff find themselves having to juggle many tasks. From serving tables to cleaning, taking orders and answering the phone for reservations, it’s fair to say that staff spend a lot of time being pulled around.


Reservations are crucial to any restaurant and something as simple as a missed call is enough to miss out on paying customers. However, restaurants are now entering a time where they should consider how they operate and the way in which the modern world is changing how they should operate. Old-fashioned systems still work but when you can implement a restaurant reservation system, it makes you wonder why the old systems shouldn’t be cast aside.


For restaurants, streamlining processes can help to save time and money but it also means that staff can spend time doing things that add value to the business. Yes, booking tables is a necessity but the time it takes to answer phones, take details and then log them can amount to a lot of time over the course of weeks and months and so, now is the time to look at an alternative solution such as a table reservation system from XE Eats.


Why Restaurants Need a Booking System


There are many reasons why restaurants should make the switch to an online booking system. First of all, customers will benefit from convenience and they are the ones who are spending money in restaurants, so meeting their needs is crucial. Despite this, giving your restaurant the edge over your competitors is vital and that can be achieved with a booking system. If you want to look professional and appear professional then it’s time to consider a booking system. It will make it possible for you to run your business more efficiently, reduce dissatisfied customer numbers and help you to increase your profits.


One simple switch to a booking system will transform your business and in a world that is ever-changing, your business and your customers need it.


What a Booking System Offers Restaurants


A booking system is much like having another set of hands because it will enable you to get more from your staff. Instead of answering phones, they will be able to ensure they offer a better service to those people who are dining in your restaurant. Instead of having phones ringing through your restaurant, you can enhance how you operate by having a centralised system that anyone can access. 


Traditionally, bookings are stored in a diary but this can get lost, stolen or the wrong details can be logged. With a booking system, you place the burden of booking on your customers, asking them for all relevant details, keeping things simple and efficient. 


You can then actively manage bookings, store customer contact details and access information when you need it. With a beautifully designed booking system, you will transform the image of your business, resulting in a business that engages with more people. 

What a Booking System Offers Customers


Over the last 10-20 years, consumer behaviours have changed and now convenience is the driving force behind the decisions they make. If they have to experience a lot of hassle to book a table then they are going to look elsewhere. Constantly making calls that are unanswered leaves them frustrated but a booking system can avoid all of this. As users can provide all relevant details, it gives them control over how they book. Without the need to deal with someone, they can make sure that their booking is confirmed and correct.


Furthermore, your restaurant will be reachable wherever they might be. Whether they are on a busy train, in a meeting or sitting at home, they won’t have to pick up the phone to make the call. All they need to do is log in, make their booking and the job is done. This level of convenience means that they can make a booking whenever they wish, even when your restaurant is closed, giving you even more scope to attract more customers.


What Features Should They Be Looking For?


To begin with, you should be looking for a system that is well-designed. It has to be pleasing on the eye for users, giving them simple navigation options and ensuring everything is easy to find. It’s imperative to remember that not all of your customers are going to be tech-savvy and that means that they can range from 18 to 100 years old, so the system has to be intuitive.


The system also has to be easy to use which means that the booking process is streamlined for your customers. However, it should also be easy for restaurants to access all of the information that they need too, allowing them to plan ahead.


The system should also be fully integratable which means that it can link up to an EPOS system from XEPOS. This will allow restaurants to do business in an easier way. Along with all of this, built-in marketing is a unique feature but is a tool that can help businesses get more from their relationships with customers. With their details safely stored, restaurants can send our reminders, emails, discounts and offers with ease, allowing them to target certain people based on whether they have been an inactive customer for some time or an active customer that they want to reward. 


All in, it needs to be designed well, functional and simple to integrate into the business.


Get It Right And Your Business Will Thrive


So, a booking system could be the missing piece that your restaurant has been looking for. Giving your customers the scope to take control of their own bookings online means that your business is accessible around the clock. Creating a professional appearance is crucial at a time when more and more restaurants are needing to adapt in order to remain competitive. Fortunately, the technology is available to help you take your restaurant to the next level without the hassle.