Takeaways are big business and if you position yourself well, then you can create a very successful business. Of course, competition is always fierce and if it isn’t fierce then you are going to need to establish yourself and prove to people just why they should order with you. This takes a lot of effort but once reviews come in then you will notice that customer numbers begin to increase.


Despite this, it’s important that you think about what is required to set up your takeaway business because giving it the best chance of succeeding is about doing things right from the start. 


Finding Premises


First and foremost, you will need to find the right premises in a location that is both accessible and fits within your budget. However, you will need to think about its location and how far people have to travel to pick up their food. You’ll also need to consider parking or ease of access because these are things that your customers will consider important.


If you are in a remote location then you aren’t going to attract people and that means you’ll miss out on business.


Choosing Your Menu


Sure, you might be an expert in cooking all of the dishes you offer but it’s time to research what your competitors are serving up. There is no need for you to create a menu that is overpowering for consumers. With too much choice, your menu will be more of a hindrance than a help because they won’t know where to look or what to try first. Keeping your menu concise to begin with will enable you to grow it or adapt it as you see fit and in line with what your customers want. 


You want to make sure you choose popular options and ones that are perhaps safe to begin with. It’s important to make sure that you don’t overstock ingredients that go to waste but it’s also important to find that balance. Your menu has to be right, it’s as simple as that.

Reaching Your Audience


You’re going to need to make sure that people know who you are before you open for business and this is going to take some effort. This marketing campaign will require an investment in time and resources. Traditionally, posting menus through doors and leaving them on counters is a great way of beginning to let people know who you are but you have much more at your disposal.


Social media is the platform you need to share your business with people easily and efficiently. You can give them an idea of what your menu will look like, tell them more about your business and even show them your new online ordering platform. Periodically you can share stories, release posts and even give opening day discounts as that is sure to create a buzz around your business. 

Don’t expect overnight success though and this is the reason why it’s important to make sure you begin the process as soon as possible. Sending out teasers is a great way to create anticipation around your takeaway and to get people talking about it. 


Pictures of progress and regular updates will help to create a buzz and that will ensure your business gets off on the right foot.


Make Sure You Have a Payment System in Place


It’s all well and good having premises and a menu in place but if you cannot take payment then you are not going to have customers. Your customers want convenience when it comes to paying and that means you need to offer card payments alongside.


So, a payment system such as that of EPOS will allow you to take payments and process orders in store, however, you can go one step further. If customers place orders for collection in-store through your online ordering platform, they are going to need to pay for it which means offering a payment method in-store. So, card machines from XEPAY will enable you to offer a convenient way of paying and that’s really important for people who like to tap and go after collecting their food.


However, what about those who want to pay online using your free online ordering system? 


That’s a simple problem to overcome because it will mean that you can use a system such as XONDER. This is a simple system that comes with no monthly fee and it takes all popular cards, making sure more people can choose to order online and make payments. The only rates you will need to pay is to cover the cost of UK credit or debit cards which is 0.6% + 5p from each order. If your business takes more than £100,000 per year then you can also benefit from custom rates, giving you even more benefits.

Choose Your Online Ordering System


If you want to take online payments then it’s important that you make use of a reliable online ordering system such as that from XE Eats. Taking food orders online requires a system that is easy to use and intuitive and that is what XE Eats offers. You will benefit from a smart and sleek website that your customers will enjoy using. Everything is well laid out and easy to find while they won’t have any problems discovering your menu and choosing what they want to order.


The system is free to use and is suitable for any takeaway business. There are no monthly fees or hidden fees as well as no setup fees which makes it a great option. It will allow you to track orders, inform customers and keep in touch with them through marketing, giving you a chance of ensuring they return again.


Starting a Takeaway business requires a lot of planning but with forward-thinking and the right solutions, it’s possible to give your business the best start. So, take your time, work through it all and your takeaway business will become a success.