QR codes have been growing in popularity over the last few years, as businesses get to grips with the sheer diversity of uses these codes offer. 

In the hospitality industry, QR codes are particularly effective. We’re delighted to offer a few examples of times when using a QR code could be just what your business needs to excel! 

Attract new followers

Taking aim at new fans and followers on your social networks is an important part of running your business. This is a free way to attract new customers and prompt people to engage with you, so taking it seriously ensures ample publicity. 

By using your social media smartly, you can achieve all sorts of goals which would otherwise be out of reach – so using a social QR code helps to promote the business and stay in regular contact with your customers. 

Ask for reviews

Online reviews will help fuel your business growth and form another key aspect of operating a modern restaurant. These reviews can be seen by potential customers scouring the web, so encouraging input from your audience is a great way to boost your profile. This can be difficult to manage without feeling ‘pushy’, but a simple QR code which redirects to your chosen review page is a less invasive way to request feedback. 

Adapt the menu to your audience

Menus needn’t be static and one-size-fits-all in their approach. Your restaurant could instead benefit from adding different languages via a QR code. This way, they’ll be able to select the language of their choice and read the menu with ease. 

Miscommunication could easily negatively impact your customers, particularly if they’re new or simply not accustomed to your operational language. Adding this kind of adaptation is a fine use of QR technology, to serve the most important needs of your patrons. 

Update your menu 

A dynamic QR code can help you update the choices on your QR code menu. A fantastic option for restaurants which have a regular turnover of food choices, this ensures that there’s no need to deal with printed menus cluttering up your space. 

In addition, using a QR code menu can work wonders for food delivery apps which need to showcase what they’re selling in a hurry. During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this kind of customisation and flexibility is more important than ever.